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Plan of Study

A good plan of study is essential as you navigate through the Department of Health Sciences. To create a plan, you will need a few things:

Graduation Requirements

These are available on My Illinois State under the link that says Progress Toward My Degree, which is located on the My Info Tab under the Student Information Channel. 

Planning Sheets

Major or Minor Curriculum Sheet

This outlines the courses that are required for your program. This information is based on the newest catalog year. The major/minor curriculum sheet does not include ALL graduation requirements, so be sure to use all resources.

Select your program of study below to get your plan:

Semester by Semester Planning Sheet


Your undergraduate catalog contains policy information, General Education information, course descriptions, pre-requisite information, and much more. It is the essential planning tool! Use your own copy or access the catalog online at Undergraduate Catalog.

Advisor Meeting

Once you've created your plan of study, make an appointment at the Department of Health Sciences advising office to review it. You want to make sure you didn't miss anything!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I send my transcripts for transfer courses I've completed?

Official transcripts are sent by the host institution to Illinois State Undergraduate Evaluations, Campus Box 2202, Normal, IL 61790-2202. Please do not send transcripts to me. Once the envelope is opened, transcripts are no longer considered official and you will have to send another.

Q: Do transfer courses affect my GPA?

No. Your GPA is calculated only with coursework you've completed at ISU.

Q: How do I know if a transfer course will "count?"

Utilize the Course Transfer Guides. Double check with me if you aren't sure.

Q: I received a letter saying I have to apply for graduation, but I have several semesters yet to go. What's going on?

Undergraduate Evaluations in the Office of the Registrar automatically generates letters when students have completed 80 credit hours. It doesn't mean that you are running out of time. It is a good idea to apply for graduation at this point because your application will generate an official degree audit.

The audit will point out all deficiencies that stand between you and your degree. It is much better to have several semesters in which to correct these decficiencies, than to find out at the last minute that there is a problem.

Q: I took a course that should count in my major, but it doesn't show up on my Progress Toward Degree Summary. What's the problem?

If a course counts in your program as an elective option, or if there is an opportunity to take one of several different courses to meet a certain requirement, I have to update your plan of study before it will appear on the Progress Toward Degree Summary. This process takes only a few seconds in most cases.

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