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Each of these activities, or assignments, is designed to help you achieve the goals described on the advising home page.

Early Fall

What How Why

Make an appointment with your advisor in the University College Advisement Center.

Call ahead to schedule at (309) 438-7604, or if on a campus phone, call 8-7604. Find more information at University College Advising.

So you can get to know your advisor, and he or she can get to know you. We want to know how you're settling in to campus, what you're interested in and how you're doing.

Look for campus involvement ideas.

Visit the Dean of Students website and attend Festival ISU.

Your involvement in something on campus outside the classroom is strongly linked to your overall success. Besides, it's just more fun!

Learn the lyrics to the ISU Fight Song.

Where are you most likely to need to know the lyrics to the Traditional Fight Song? At an Athletic Event!

You're a Redbird now, and you need to know the fight song!

Mid Fall

What How Why

Review the Student Code of Ethics, especially "To Be an ISU Student."

Find it on-line: Code of Student Conduct.

It outlines the expectations for what it means to be a student on this campus.

Registration planning for spring semester.

Call to schedule an appointment with your advisor. Prepare by reviewing your requirements in the catalog and on My Illinois State.

Registration is much easier when you know what classes you’re going to register for!

Visit the Julia N. Visor Academic Center

Drop in or call for appointment. They’re located in 012 Vrooman Hall; phone number is 438-7100.  Visit online: Julia N. Visor Academic Center

Establish good study habits early.  Join a study group. Take supplemental help. Get tutoring for that tough class.

Early spring

What How Why

Reflect back on your first semester of college.

Call to schedule an appointment with your advisor.

Discuss your fall semester.  Make adjustments as needed.  Plan ahead.

Begin learning university policies. Start with Repeat and Withdrawal policies.

Use the undergraduate catalog and web as resources.

You will need to be a well informed participant in your education!

Mid Spring

What How Why

Plan regisration for summer and fall.

Call to schedule an appointment with your advisor at University College Advising Center

Registration is easier when you’re prepared.

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