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Junior Yearjunior

During the junior year, most students notice a shift in focus. Their focus changes from learning to be a student in college to learning to be a young professional. By the end of the junior year, the majority of your coursework in the Department of Health Sciences will be in preparation for your professional practice. You will be concentrating your efforts outside of the classroom on leadership positions, civic service, resume building, and professionalism.  

Early Fall

What How Why

Research academic policies related to professional practice and graduation.

Utilize university resources – catalog, web, major handbook, etc. In particular, consult Graduation Services.

To be an informed participant in your education, and to avoid problems in the next year as you prepare to finish your degree.

Self-Monitor Plan of Study.

Review your progress towards a degree on My Illinois State and compare it to your long term plan. Discuss problems or adjustments with advisor before making changes.

By your junior year, you are able to monitor your plan of study yourself. You should check with an advisor before making changes to your plan in your junior and your senior year to avoid delaying graduation.

Continue to build community service experiences.

Utilize connections through campus involvement and through professional interests. Check out for starters: Dean of Students

Involvement and service are linked to your professional growth.

Mid Fall

What How Why

Continue working on your resume at the Career Center.

Utilize the resources from the Career Center.

A good resume is critical to your success.  Take advantage of the professionals in the career center.

Start thinking about your plans for after graduation.

Consider your goals and your options.  Research what it will take to meet these goals.  Utilize the university’s resources to help you do this: your advisor, the Career Center, the Testing Center, etc.

Graduation is only the beginning!


What How Why

Begin exploring professional practice opportunities.

Meet with the professional practice coordinator for your major. Find out what you can do in advance to be prepared. 

Being well prepared in advance will help you get through the process as smoothly as possible.

Consider seeking a leadership position within a major-based club or group.

Run for an elected officer position, volunteer for a significant position within the club or group, or take on a new responsibility within the group.

Leadership and service are clearly linked to your professional growth.  When that leadership is connected to your major, it is even stronger.

Continue to work on professional skills.

Look for ways to practice the professional skills you researched last year.  Critique your progress.

Your professionalism skills are clearly linked to your progress in college and beyond.

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