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Senior Yeargrad

The senior year of college is usually a year of transitions. Most students feel they are transitioning from one phase of life into another. Even the college classes feel different from the classes they took as underclassmen. You will be focused on your professional practice and on completing final requirements for your graduation audit. Outside the classroom, you should be thinking and behaving like an emerging professional.


What How Why

Complete and update resume for professional practice.

Utilize the resources from the Career Center.

You'll need a good resume to apply for your professional practice. You'll also need one after graduation.

Finalize plans for professional practice.

Work with the professional practice coordinator for your major.

Each major in the Department of Health Sciences requires a professional practice.

Finalize plans for after graduation.

Register for tests, such as the GRE, that may be required for graduate school. Place your file on ISU's e-recruiting service.

Waiting until the last minute is never the best idea!

Continue active involvement in department and/or campus activities, preferably in leadership roles.

Run for an elected officer position, volunteer for a significant position within the club or group, take on a new responsibility within the group. 

Leadership and service are clearly linked to your professional growth. When that leadership is connected to your major, it is even stronger. You also serve as a role model for underclassmen.


What How Why

Continue active involvement in community service.

Utilize connections through campus involvement and through professional interests. Check out the Dean of Students for more details.

Involvement and service are linked to your professional and personal growth.  You also serve as a role model for underclassmen.

Ensure that your plan of study is complete with all graduation requirements accounted for.

Review your Progress Toward Degree on My Illinois State.

All graduation requirements must be met in order to graduate.

Make plans for commencement.

Visit the commencement web site for more details.

After all this work, you deserve to participate in commencement!

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