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Beginning with the fall semester of sophomore year (or with your third semester) you will be advised by the Department of Health Sciences. In advising during the sophomore year, the main focus is on creating and maintaining a good plan of study and in seeking involvement on campus. This is also the time to start considering your resume. 

Early Fall

What How Why

Orientation to department.

Appointment with advisor. Call (309) 438-8329 to schedule an advising appointment.

To understand your major department and your curriculum completely.

Complete long term plan of study.

Utilize the resources provided in the undergraduate catalog, on My Illinois State, and on this web site.  Then meet with advisor to review plan.

So you'll have a “map” to follow as you plan your academics. Also, a long term plan reduces errors.


What How Why

Explore departmental opportunities for involvement.

Visit major based student clubs. Talk to faculty, students, and advisor.  Attend departmentally sponsored events.

Your involvement outside the classroom is directly linked to your overall success.

Visit the Career Center.

Drop in or call for an appointment. They're located in the Student Services Building 185; phone number is (309) 438-2200.  Visit online at Illinois State University's Career Center.

Look at sample resumes.  Check out resources and templates for resume writing.

Research additional university policies. This year look at "Credit/No credit," "Academic Probation," and "Honors."

Utilize university resources – catalog, web, etc. In particular, look at the following:

So you will be an informed participant in your education.

Early Spring

What How Why

Seek involvement in major related activities.

This will vary depending upon the activity. Some suggestions are student clubs, undergraduate teaching assistant, study abroad, and the Research Symposium.

Your involvement outside the classroom is directly linked to your overall success.

Seek leadership opportunities on campus.

Explore your areas of interest and areas in which you’ve been involved.  Look for areas in which you can move into a position of leadership.

Leadership experience helps you develop as a young professional. It is helpful as you begin professional practice.


What How Why

Monitor long term plan of study.

Review your progress toward degree on My Illinois State.  Make adjustments as needed.

Prior to each registration period, you will need to update your plan.

Explore service opportunities in the  community.

Utilize connections through campus involvement and through professional interests. Check out the Dean of Students web site to see how.

Involvement and service are linked to your professional growth.

Create a draft of your resume.

Utilize the Career Center.

A good resume takes time and many drafts. Start now!

Late Spring

What How Why

Work on professional skills.

Research the “professional skills” on your own.  Then make an appointment with your advisor to discuss.

Your professionalism skills are clearly linked to your progress in college and beyond.

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