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Health Promotion and Education


Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA and earn grades of 'C' or higher in each course required by the major to continue in the Health Promotion and Education program. All courses listed here are three (3) semester hours each, unless otherwise noted.


There are no pre-requisites that must be completed prior to entry into either Community Health Promotion or School Health Education.

Students are encouraged to take HSC 190: Foundations of Health Education, as early in their studies at Illinois State University as possible, although due to course size, it may be junior year when this course is completed. HSC 190 can be taken the fall semester of junior year in a four year plan of study.

Core Courses

Core course are required of both School Health and Community Health majors:

  • HSC 190: Foundations of Health Education
  • HSC 290: Strategies in Health Education
  • HSC 294: Diseases of the Human Body
  • HSC 390: Drugs in Society
  • HSC 292:  Community Public Health Education
  • HSC 293: Human Disease Processes
  • PSY 123 or SOA 123: Human Sexuality

School Health Education

All students complete the core above. In addition, students will complete the following two Heath Sciences courses:

  • HSC 387: Programs in School Health
  • HSC 391: Curriculum & Instruction in School Health

Because of the unique nature of School Health Education, students will also complete the following requirements:

  • One (1) major elective chosen from an approved list of options (3 hours)
  • Professional Education Sequence for Secondary Education (26 hours)
  • Middle Level Endorsement requirement (6 hours)
  • School Health Education majors are required to complete a second teaching area in addition to Health.

Community Health Promotion

All students complete the core above. In addition, students will complete:

  • BSC 145: Human Biology
  • HSC 204.01: Health Data Analysis
  • HSC 395: Media & Materials in Health Education
  • HSC 396: Health Education Program Planning & Evaluation
  • HSC 286: Needs Assessment in Health Education
  • HSC 296: Concepts in Health Education
  • Major electives chosen from approved list of options (9 hours)
  • HSC 398.02: Professional Practice in Health Education (>9 hours)
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