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Minor in Public Health

The Department of Health Sciences offers an undergraduate Minor in Public Health. The minor is designed to prepare students in core competencies needed by professionals working on population-based health issues. Public health professionals work to improve the quality and length of life in diverse communities by preventing health problems before they occur. They do this through supporting healthy environments, promoting the adoption of healthy lifestyles, preventing injuries, and preserving and protecting important resources that support human health.

Public health is an interdisciplinary field built upon knowledge in environmental health, health behavior/promotion, epidemiology, medicine and other areas of study. This minor provides students with a foundation in key public health courses and, in combination with various majors, can create opportunities for employment in public health settings and graduate study in a Master of Public Health program or other health disciplines.

Twenty-one (21) total hours in course work is required to fulfill the requirements for the minor.


Five courses (15 hours) are required.

  • HSC 156: Environmental Health in the 21st Century (site-based or online)
  • HSC 170: Safety and Society (site-based, blended, or online)
  • HSC 204.01 or 204.02: Health Data Analysis (other statistics course might substitute)
  • HSC 258.01 or 258.02: Epidemiology (HSC 204.01 or .02 prerequisite)
  • HSC 296: Concepts in Health Education


Elective Courses

Two additional elective courses (6 hours) are required from among the following options.

  • HSC 208: Dynamics of U.S. Contemporary Health Issues (site-based or online)
  • HSC 248: Occupational Health
  • HSC 378: Disaster Preparedness (check prerequisites)
  • HSC 390: Drugs and Society
  • HSC 394: Health Aspects of Aging

Up to 9 hours can count toward a Major and Minor. The required and elective courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. Other courses approved by the minor director may be counted toward the minor.

For additional information on the Minor in Public Health, contact Dr. Jim Broadbear.

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