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Dr. Jeffrey Clark

Department of Health Sciences
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Dr. Clark is a Professor of Health Education in the Department of Health Sciences. He began his career as a public school health educator and has over 20 years of experience teaching in higher education. Dr. Clark is actively involved in research of school health education curricula, program evaluation, and tobacco control issues. Dr. Clark served as the Program Director of three major health promotion efforts including Smokefree Indiana, the federally funded tobacco control agency; Indiana’s Hepatitis C Surveillance Project, and the Marion County Alliance for Health Promotion. Dr. Clark has had an ongoing involvement with numerous professional and community health agencies. He is the current President for the American School Health Association (ASHA), served on the Finance Committee, and as the Chairperson for the ASHA editorial board. He has served as the National Secretary/Treasurer for Eta Sigma Gamma for the past eleven years, and is a board member for the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance’s Research Consortium. He is also a member of the Indiana Public Health Policy Center Advisory Board.

Research Interests & Areas

a. Human Sexuality b. HIV/AIDS Education c. Community Health Education Program Evaluation

Other School and College Health Education

Indiana University
Bloomington, IN

Other Health Edcuation

Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR

BS Health Education

Western Illinois University
Macomb, IL

Fellow of Eta Sigma Gaqmma

Eta Sigma Gamma

Wiiliam A. Howe Award

American School Health Association

Warren E. Schaller Presidential Citation

Eta Sigma Gamma

Honor Award

Eta Sigma Gamma, National Health Education Honorary

W.W. Patty Distiguished Alumni Award

Indiana University, School of Health, Physical Educaiton, and Recreation 2009-2010

Outstanding Faculty Service Award

Ball State University

Presidentail Citation

American School Health Association

Distinguished Service Award

Eta Sigma Gamma, National Health Education Honorary

Distinguished Service Award

American School Health Association

Fellows of the American School Health Association

American School Health Association

Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book-New

Fladhammer, A., Lyde, A., Meyers, A., Clark, J., & Laundau, S. Health Concerns regarding children and adolescents with Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.. Korin, M.R. (ed). Health Promotion in Children and Adolescents. New York: Springer. In press. (2016)

Instructor's Manual

Clark, J., & Seabert, D. Instructor's Guide to accompnay Cottrell RR, Girvan JT, & McKenzie JK. (2012) Principle & Foundations of Health Promtion and Education (5th ed). Benjamin Cummings (2012)

Journal Article, Academic Journal

Clark, J., Brey, R., & Clark, S. Development of a Pre-Service Teacher's Self-Efficacy Instrument Regarding Teacher Health Education Standards. Journal of School Health 83.10 (2013): 718-727.
Clark, J., Brey, R., Banter, A., & Khubchandani, J. The Delivery of Sexuality-Related Patient Education to Adolescent Patients: A Preliminary Study of Family Practice Resident Physicians.. Raman Kumar (EDs). Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care 1.1 (2012): 34-38.

Journal Article, Professional Journal

Clark, J., Clark, S., & Brey, R. Improving Pre-Service Elementary Teachers’ Self-Reported Efficacy for Using the Professional Teacher Standards in Health Education.. Journal of School Health 84.7 (2014): 459-465.
Khubchandani, J., Clark, J., & Kumar, R. Beyond Controversies: Sexuality education for adolescents in India. Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care 3.3 (2014): 175-179.
DeWitt, N., Lohrmann, D., O'Neill, J., & Clark, J. A qualitative analysis of success stories from Michiana Coordinated School Health Leadership Institute participants. Journal of School Health 81.12 (2011): 727-32.
O'Neill, J., Clark, J., & Jones, J. Promoting Mental Health and Preventing Substance Abuse and Violence in Elementary Students: A Randomized Control Study of the Michigan Model for Health. Journal of School Health 81.6 (2011): 320-330.


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The Status of Health and Physical Education in the U.S.. International Council for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport, and Dance Forum. American Alliance for Health, Physical Education and Recreation. (2013)

Grants & Contracts

Coalition of National Health Educaiton Organizations Profession-wide Strategic Planning Meeting. Illinois Prairie Community Foundation. Local. (2016)
Adolescent Health Through School-Based HIV/STD Prevention Education. Illinois State Board of Education. (2015)
Eta Sigma Gamma National Office. Ball State University. (1999)
Michigan Department of Community Health through Michigan Primary Care Association. Comprehensive School Health Education/Adolescent & School Health Program.
Secondhand smoke monitoring in Delaware County bars. Delaware County Health Department/Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Agency.
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