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Careers in Health Information Management

HIM professionals enjoy a broad selection of job opportunities and options for professional growth based on skills, education and interests.

Average Salary

Average starting salaries for HIM graduates are in the upper $30,000s. Some graduates with previous work experience have earned starting salaries in the upper $40,000s.

Professional Positions

HIM graduates from Illinois State University are hired for the following professional positions:

  • HIM Department Director - Directs a hospital based health information department in a multi-bed hospital. Oversees many employees including supervisors, coding reimbursement specialists, record analysts, file clerks and transcriptionists.
  • HIM System Marketing Manager - Responsible for managing a team of HIM professionals who market HIM related software to hospitals. Travels frequently around the country attending trade shows and meeting potential clients.
  • Data Quality Manager - Manages a small (two or three employee) department that monitors the quality of the information entered into a university-based medical centers computer-base patient record system. The system can experience over 3000 new patients a day.
  • Information Security Officer - Usually works alone in an advisory capacity to the administration of a multi-bed health care center. Responsible for ensuring that the hospital is compliant with all the rules and regulations regarding patient information security required by the Federal government and the accrediting agencies.
  • HIM Community College Faculty - Has completed a master's degree in education and is a full time faculty member in a local community college. Responsible for teaching entry-level health information management courses.
  • HIM Consultant - Works for accounting/consulting firm, as the senior manager of the information imaging division of the firm.
  • Health Data Analyst - Reviews medical records to abstract quality of care information for the Quality Management and Risk Management department of major health care providers.
  • Insurance Claims Analyst - Reviews health insurance claims to ensure the care received by the insured is covered by the insurance program and the claim is properly paid.
  • Clinical Coding Specialist - Reviews medical documentation and assigns appropriate diagnosis and billing codes to ensure the health care facility is properly reimbursed for the care rendered.
  • Physician Practice Manager - Manages the staff of a large medical office practice, which can have several physicians. Responsible for all aspects of the office from patient care scheduling to medical record management.
  • Ambulatory Surgical Center Manager - Manages the operations of an outpatient ambulatory surgery center. Responsible for all the operations from patient scheduling to medical record management.
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