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Professional Practice in Health Information Management

Practical experience is an integral part of the Health Information Management (HIM) curriculum at Illinois State University. Two internship (professional practice) experiences are scheduled for five weeks.

Students will be required to pass a criminal background check and drug screen prior to placement in professional practice.  Students will also be required to provide evidence of a Hepatitis B vaccine series for professional practice placement.   

Professional Practice Student Fees

The following services are required for students to meet contract eligibility for professional practice. These services are listed with their current fees for the 2017 – 2018 academic year.  Fees are paid at the time of service.

Criminal Background Check: $37
Drug Screen (site specific): $38
Health Services Fee:  $11

TB Test (criteria)
2 Step  $44
QFT     $60

Vaccinations (site specific): $51 - $234
Titers (site specific): $19 - $53
CPR Training (good for 2 yrs.):  $50
Blood Borne Pathogen Training:  Free

Clinical Professional Practice

Experience is scheduled during the summer after the first year of HIM courses. This experience allows the student the opportunity to apply HIM skills in the hospital setting. The student is expected to be on-site for approximately 40 hours per week. Geographical preferences are considered, although some locations are limited.

Management Professional Practice

Experience is scheduled during the last five weeks of the final semester. This experience is project-oriented and focuses on the management aspects of HIM. Students are encouraged to identify a professional practice site that matches a personal area of interest or geographical preference.

Academic credit for each intern experience is equivalent to 3 hours. The final grade is based on evidence of technical knowledge, decision-making ability, communication skills, initiative, professional behavior, and completion of projects.

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