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Careers in Medical Lab Science

Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), professionals enjoy a wide range of job opportunities and options for professional growth centered on their skills, expertise, and interests.

Average Salary

The average starting salary for a MLS graduate is in the $40,000's. Graduates with five years of work experience report earnings in the low $50,000's.

Professional Positions

MLS graduates from Illinois State University hold professional positions with the following titles:

  • Staff Technologist: Works in the laboratory of a multi-bed hospital or clinic. Performs routine chemical, hematological, immunologic and microbiologic testing on human blood and other specimens.
  • Laboratory Manager: Directs laboratory operations in a multi-bed hospital. Oversees many employees including department supervisors, medical technologists, medical laboratory technicians, phlebotomists and clerical personnel.
  • Medical Sales Representative: Works for a large medical product manufacturer. Represents the company traveling to trade shows or individual laboratory customers marketing the company's products which may range from multi-functional instrumentation to chemical reagent kits.
  • Research Associate: Works for a medical research or pharmaceutical company. Investigates the safety and reliability of new medical products or drugs.
  • Departmental Supervisor: Works in a multi-bed hospital overseeing the daily operation of one to the specialty area of a medical laboratory such as chemistry, microbiology or hematology.
  • Quality Assurance Manager: Works for a multi-bed hospital or other medically related organization. Coordinates programs to improve overall quality of patient care and organizational services.
  • Technical Service Representative: Works for a large medical products manufacturer. Trains customers using the company's products and serves as an expert resource when questions arise concerning that product.
  • Blood Bank Technologist: Preforms test on donor units and processes various components (red cells, plasma, platelets) for use in hospitals. 
  • College/University Faculty: This person teaches in a university medical laboratory science or community college medical laboratory technician program. This person develops curriculum, lectures and supervises laboratory experiences of students in the program.
  • Forensic Scientist: Works closely with law enforcement in a crime laboratory. Processes evidence gathered at crime scenes. Job duties include blood typing, hand writing analysis, fingerprint identification and DNA analysis.
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