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Professional Practice in Medical Lab Science

During the clinical experience or professional practice component of the Illinois State University Medical Laboratory Science Program, the student resides off campus and attends an Illinois State-affiliated hospital. The off-campus clinical experience is structured to provide clinical rotations through all departments of the laboratory, including microbiology, serology, chemistry, urinalysis, blood bank, and hematology. Professional practice is an unpaid experience.

Each student is assigned to an individual rotation sequence. Students spend eight hours a day, five days a week learning in the laboratory with holidays off. Students interact one on one with technologists learning to operate equipment and to apply knowledge gained in prerequisite classes to practical situations. Students are responsible for their own housing and transportation during professional practice. 

Opportunities for employment may be available provided the student has achieved certain competencies. Students are not obligated to be employed at the professional practice site. 

Hospitals providing professional practice are not independent schools. They have been approved by NAACLS as clinical sites as part of the University's accreditation. Students will complete an 18-week laboratory rotation during one semester. For a list of affiliated hospitals and information regarding student placement, consult the MLS Student Handbook.

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