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Careers in Safety

Students in the Safety Program are preparing themselves for work in the safety, health and environmental profession.

Average Salary

Average starting salaries for Safety graduates are in the low $40,000s. Some Safety graduates report salaries exceeding $60,000 within five years of graduation.

Professional Positions

The majority of graduates work in insurance, consulting, or manufacturing as staff safety (or occupational safety and health) specialists, engineers, coordinators, supervisors, and managers. Some have specialized in construction safety, agricultural safety and health, and public sector safety. In the insurance industry, most are employed as loss control consultants/representatives.

You can explore career opportunities in the Career Guide to the Safety Profession. Several of the career options are described below:

  • Staff Safety Specialist / Coordinator / Engineer / Consultant / Leader: Provide the day-to-day oversight of safety, health and environmental issues at an industrial site. Conduct worksite evaluations, develop intervention programs, perform inspections and make recommendations to management. They may work as generalists, with responsibility for a comprehensive health, safety and environmental program. Knowledge of regulatory requirements, evaluation techniques, training program development, instrumentation, data interpretation, problem solving, quality control, and data reporting are important to this job.
  • Safety Supervisor / Manager: After a few years of work experience, some Safety professionals move into supervisory or management positions. They may supervise a group of health, safety and environmental professionals and technicians. Besides technical knowledge, skills in problem solving, communication, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, and budgeting are also highly valued. Positions in safety management can lead to other management positions.
  • Loss Control Representative: Employed by insurance carriers and act as in-house consultants to the client companies that are insured by the insurance carrier. Evaluate facilities and programs of the client companies and make recommendations to the management team.
  • Construction Safety Specialist: Employed either by large construction firms or by consulting firms that provide management services to construction firms. Oversee safety planning and execution during major construction projects. This is one of the most rapidly growing specialties in the safety profession, and is particularly well-compensated.
  • Agricultural Safety Specialist / Leader: Employed by grain elevator operators, machinery manufacturers, fertilizer manufacturers, chemical processors, seed production companies, and ethanol producers. May also work as agricultural extension agents
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