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Profiles of Success

Sanobeia Christmas

Safety Analyst Sanobeia Christmas

"I think all the time about the things I learned in the Safety Program at Illinois State University. The professors kept on us because they wanted us to be successful in the real world. I appreciate that every day in my work because I feel I have been well prepared.

"Working in the Chicago area, I have found that everyone in the profession knows about the Illinois State University Safety Program. The program has a very good reputation. I started my career in loss control. After training for 9 months, I did a lot of property surveys, worker's compensation, training, machine guarding and National Fire Protection Association code surveys. I was responsible for a large territory and traveled throughout the Midwest.

"My current position focuses more on laboratory safety, hazard communication, chemical exposure monitoring and training. Whatever you do in safety you will get the opportunity to work and interact with a lot of people. You really have a diverse audience involved with safety in the workplace every day. I really enjoy the profession!"


Getting Started Rob, senior in Safety

"While serving in the United States Air Force I was selected for an assignment in a quality control office of an organization that flew the RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft. This is where I initially got an idea of what safety was all about. In this position I performed evaluations and inspections to insure safety and maintenance compliance with regulations. It was a very exciting and rewarding job.

"Upon leaving the military, I began a career with the National Weather Service as an electronic technician, maintaining the WSR-88D Doppler Weather Radar System. However, I began thinking about a different career and I happened to come across a brochure on the safety program while visiting Illinois State University. I realized that this is what I wanted to do.

"I researched the profession, looked at professional organization web sites and visited with department faculty. The statistics of graduates of the program revealed high wages and 100 percent job placement. This was important to me if I were to switch careers. With all of the research I did on the profession and the Safety Program at Illinois State, I felt very comfortable with the challenges that awaited me."

The Major

"The small size of the program is what I enjoy the most. This allows each student to get to know each other. You have more personal interaction with faculty. The faculty and students are a close-knit group. The faculty is very helpful both in and outside of the classroom. The classes are challenging yet enjoyable. The diverse opportunities and things you are exposed to in the safety profession make it very exciting."

Educational Experience/Goals

"My experience at Illinois State has allowed me to obtain my goal of getting an occupational safety and health job in the federal government. I had my job offer several months before I graduated. The fact that job placement has been at 100% is fantastic for new people getting into this major."


Getting Started Lisa, senior in Safety

"I started as a music education major and although I enjoy music, I realized I didn't want to do it for a career. My parents and I discussed different career ideas and safety was one that really stuck with me because it is profession that is a part of all walks of life and all types of business or industry.

"I learned more about the safety profession by looking at the OSHA Web site and the Illinois State University Safety Program Web site. I felt that by doing this, I didn't know what to expect entirely from the courses, but I did feel well prepared to start the major."

The Major

"The Safety Technology class was the first class I took and it gave a broad overview of the profession, as well as, the application of safety in different industry. All of the classes are different and focus on different regulations and behavioral applications. Classes are challenging and each one presents a new and different challenge.

"I really like the fact that it is a small program because there is more time for questions, office visits and feedback from the faculty. One thing that I really like about the program is that we have a lot of group projects that are designed with real life experiences to help prepare us for our professional challenges. This has helped me to not only work and interact with people, but it has also taught me the quality and importance of safety. The projects and papers are a true learning experience."

Educational Experience & Goals

"Each year I learned more about myself as I went through school. College didn't get harder it just became busier. You learn more every day, you meet more people and you become aware of a lot of things. My career goals are to get into manufacturing or insurance. Right now I am really focused on my upcoming internship in manufacturing. I am hoping that the internship experience will help point me in the career direction that is best for me."

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