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Related Skills

These skills will help you have a successful career in the environmental health and sustainability field.

Our program at Illinois State will give you the education and experience to develop these skills.

Research and Analysis

Environmental health and sustainability professionals study the hazards that threaten our environment. As a professional, you'll need the ability to gather information, analyze data, and effectively communicate your findings. 

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

The challenges professionals face are complex. Being able to think critically will help you develop creative solutions to tackle the big problems of human health and the environment.

Passion and Altruism

Successful environmental health and sustainability professionals have a passion to make a positive impact. They care about the environment and society as a whole.

Related Fields

General job titles people with an environmental health and sustainability degree might have include:

  • Environmental Specialist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Environmental Health Officer
  • Health Inspector
  • Environmental Toxicologist
  • Hazardous Waste Regulator
  • Industrial Hygienist

Environmental Health and Sustainability majors at Illinois State have found success in the field. 

Enas Qureshi, 2015, works for the City of Evanston Health Department.  Her responsibilities include investigating community environmental health problems such as food and water contamination, air pollution, disease threats and indoor air quality. 

“My most positive memory from the EH major is the connection the professors made with each student. Learning about the professors' early careers and experiences helped me understand what options I had."

Garret Steiner, 2016, is a Field Environmental Health Officer with the United States Public Health Service. He is stationed at the Bemidji Area Indian Health Service where his role is to work directly with Native American communities to protect their health and environment.

"Environmental Health is an outstanding and relevant career choice, as it puts you on the front lines in the fight against disease, injury, and adverse environmental impacts.”

Colin Hendrickson, 2016, is currently a graduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Colin is pursuing a Master of Public Health degree with concentrations in Water Quality & Health and Global Health.  

“The EH major at Illinois State exposed me to the opportunities where I can make a difference in how humans are exposed to hazards in their environment. I developed a passion for environmental health and justice during my undergraduate experience, inspiring me to pursue a master's degree in the topic.”

Career Industry Liaison

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Nick Radcliffe  223 Bone Student Center  (309) 438-2200 

Internship Coordinator

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LC Yang  FSA 323  (309) 438-2668