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Health promotion professionals specializing in integrative health and wellness are knowledgeable about human health and develop skills in behavior change, holistic health, and health and wellness coaching.

Integrative Health and Wellness (IWH) Knowledge

You need broad, inter-disciplinary knowledge so coursework includes anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, nutrition, fitness, mindbody health, and health behavior.

Holistic Health

Many traditional approaches to disease deal with problems that already exist and primarily treat symptoms. For example, if a person has cardiovascular disease, traditional approaches might provide diet recommendations and medications to lower cholesterol.

IHW approaches consider a broader perspective such as behavioral, emotional, occupational, and environmental influences. With a deeper understanding of the person, a tailored, holistic approach is pursued. This greatly increases the chance a person will not just have reduced symptoms but enhanced health for the long-term.

Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaches collaborate with their clients who seek self-directed, long-term behavior change. Coaching is an evidence-based and strengths-focused relationship of influence.

The purpose of coaching is helping others, individually or as a group, maximize their health and wellness in ways and directions they desire. Health and wellness coaches are skilled at behavior change with a focus on motivation, skill-building, growth mindset, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and other evidence-based approaches.

Being Successful in the Field

If you are passionate about wellness, intrigued by integrative and holistic approaches to well-being, and want to help people transform their health, this is a program for you.

Behavior change is hard and many people benefit by having someone on their side, increasing the likelihood of success.

To be successful in this field you need to be deeply committed to life-long learning about health and developing interpersonal communication, teaching, and coaching skills.

You need to acquire credentials like the National Board Certified-Health and Wellness Coach.

With passion, knowledge, and skills you have a significant positive impact on the health and wellness of the people you serve.

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