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Related Skills

These skills will help you have a successful career in school health education.

Our program at Illinois State will give you the education and experience to develop these skills.


A big part of being a health educator is developing and presenting information. Strong educators are skilled listeners, approachable, relatable, and invested in diversity. You must be able to communicate clearly when you write and speak. 


School health educators have a lot to manage at once and organization is a vital skill. The ability to manage time, prioritize responsibilities, and meet deadlines are important in many careers, but it is especially helpful for teachers. 


Health teachers are leaders in many ways. They demonstrate life-long health behaviors for students, they motivate and challenge their students, and they engage in community and public health initiatives. 


Related Fields

General job titles people with a school health education degree might have include:

  • Middle-Level Health Teacher
  • High School Health Teacher
  • Educational Services Coordinator
  • Education Administrator
  • Health Educator

School health education majors from Illinois State have found success in the field.

Ashley (Fowler) Abruscato, 2005, is the Health and Physical Education teacher at Metea Valley High School. Ashley was hired to be part of the inaugural staff  when the school opened, and was responsible for starting up the health education program. She describes it as an amazing opportunity in which she and a co-worker were able to create a Health Education program from scratch.

Eleven years later, she and her peers are proud of Metea Valley's Blue Ribbon awards in both Physical Education and Health Education by professional organizations. 

Sanika Dev, 2019, is a Health and PE teacher at Dream Academy, the alternative school in the Elgin School District U-46. She says the program at Illinois State taught her valuable skills.

"I teach Sophomore Health, Walking for Wellness, and Independent PE, as well as mentor two students by setting personal and academic goals with them.  The School Health program at ISU taught me to value and encourage diversity, as well as practice empathy whenever I can.  I am extremely grateful that what I learned during my time at ISU, I can use in my own teaching."

Career Industry Liaison

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Internship Coordinator

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